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e-Speed lab was founded in 1999 after the merge of the Parallel Computing Lab (LCP) and Computer Systems Modeling and Analysis Lab (ANADES). The acronym means" e-commerce System Performance Evaluation and Experimental Development" and has been coined to indicate its focus on researches on development of scalable e-commerce platforms and the modeling and analysis of such systems, specially web applications. Since then, the lab was involved with new research topics such as on-demand streaming, virtualization, data mining, bioinformatics, information retrieval and record deduplication, among others.

Currently, new research fields have attracted attention from the Computer Science community such as Web 2.0 applications: blogs, social networks, video sharing networks and etc. Those topics have also been subject of investigation at e-Speed.

We also develop multidisciplinary researches in conjunction with other departments hosted at UFMG, such as  the Faculty of Economics (FACE / UFMG - www.face.ufmg.br), Regional Development and Planning Center ((CEDEPLAR / UFMG - www.cedeplar.ufmg.br), The Sociology Department ((www.fafich.ufmg.br/soa/), Biology Institute (ICB / UFMG - www.icb.ufmg.br), Social Sciencies and Philosophy Department (FAFICH / UFMG - www.fafich.ufmg.br), among others.

Our researchs are applicable on private and public institutions, bringing a positive impact to our community. Among these cooperations, we should mention: Brazilian Federal Government, Minas Gerais State Government, United Nations, Caixa Economica Federal and Universo Online (a major Brazilian ISP).



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